About me

Hello, I'm Jasper Zeng, and I'm deeply passionate about technology and its problem-solving potential. I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics & Statistics at Stony Brook University, where I've consistently excelled in my studies.

My coursework has equipped me with a versatile skill set, including proficiency in programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, and C/C++, as well as hands-on experience with frameworks like PyTorch and React. I've also gained practical experience as a research assistant in the File Storage Lab, where I used machine learning to enhance GPU clusters. I've worked as a Student Technician, managing computer labs and providing tech support, which has sharpened my problem-solving skills and teamwork abilities.

I am passionate about Machine Learning and Cloud Computing research, driven by a keen interest in exploring innovative algorithms and the scalable possibilities of cloud infrastructure. I am actively staying informed about the latest developments in these fields through reading, and anticipating much more future opportunities to contribute meaningfully. My focus is on bridging theoretical knowledge with practical implementation, aspiring to make significant contributions to the evolving landscapes of Machine Learning and Cloud Computing.

What am I doing?

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    Stony Brook University

    I am currently a senior-year student at Stony Brook University, majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics & Statistics, with an expected graduation date in spring 2024. I thoroughly enjoy the learning process and the vibrant campus life. My current courses include Machine Learning, Software Engineering II, Statistics for Computer Science, Computational Geometry, and Technical Communication.

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    File Storage Lab

    I recently joined the File Storage Lab at Stony Brook University as a research assistant. I am actively involved in a research project that aims to utilize machine learning techniques to predict and analyze the performance and behavior of GPU clusters. I am actively using technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and various benchmarks.

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    I am part of a team developing a map-based web community using the MERN stack. Our platform, which involves collaboration with three friends, not only allows users to explore maps but also empowers them to freely edit and customize maps based on their preferences. Our goal is to enhance the diversity and accessibility of the mapping world, making it available to everyone. Through our collective efforts, we aim to create a platform that encourages user engagement and contributes to the richness of the global mapping experience. Check out our blankMap to start exploring and editing maps today! blankMap

Curriculum Vitae


  1. Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

    Jan 2022 — May 2024

    Bachelor of Science (B.S.): Computer Science, Applied Mathematics & Statistics
    Courses:System Fundamentals, Analysis of Algorithms, Intro to Theory of Computation, Software Engineering, Computer Network, Nature Language Processing, Machine Learning
    GPA: 3.77/4.0
    Honor: Dean's List(2022, 2023), Tau Beta Pi Member

  2. Queens College, Flushing, NY

    Jul 2020 — Dec 2021

    GPA: 3.98/4.0
    Honor: Dean's List(2020, 2021), Presidential Scholars(2021)


  1. File Systems and Storage Lab - Research Assistant

    Aug 2023 — Present

    - Actively participating in a project to predict GPU application performance and detect anomalies within a Docker and Kubernetes-based GPU cluster environment, leveraging Machine Learning techniques.
    - Collaborating within a multidisciplinary team to develop and implement algorithms and strategies for these objectives, aiming to enhance GPU cluster monitoring and optimization.
    - Tirelessly working to establish an experimental benchmark environment for the project, ensuring comprehensive testing and evaluation of proposed algorithms and strategies.

  2. Stony Brook University Division of Information Technology - Student Technician

    May 2022 — Current

    - Managed and maintained 5+ computer labs with 300+ computers, consistently configuring, reimagining, and fixing over 18 computers per week while working over 15 hours per week.
    - Provided assistance to a diverse user base, including students, professors, alumni, and faculty, in effectively utilizing the university's public computer labs and study spaces.
    - Skilled in troubleshooting diverse basic hardware and software issues, optimizing computer performance, resolving software installations, configurations, and printer-related challenges.

  3. Stony Brook University - Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

    Jun 2023 — Aug 2023

    - Assisted in organizing instructional materials for a Data Structures course with 100+ students.
    - Collaborated with fellow teaching assistants to conduct 80-minute recitation sections, demonstrating and reviewing key data structure concepts, also assisting with project assignments (2 sessions per week).
    - Graded assignments and provided constructive feedback to students.
    - Conducted 6 hours of office hours per week to offer additional academic support and address student inquiries.

  4. Campaign Staff

    Jun 2022 — Aug 2022

    - Experienced strategist for community canvassing, leveraging data-driven approaches and statistical analysis to boost support rates by 5 percentage points.
    - Proficient in optimizing campaign efforts through data insights.
    - Skilled in managing campaign materials, Q&A stations, and door-to-door visits to maximize voter engagement.

My skills

    Programming Languages

  • Java (3yrs)
  • Python (3yrs)
  • C/C++ (1yrs)
  • JavaScript (2yrs)
  • HTML/CSS (2yrs)
    TeX (1yrs)
    R (2yrs)
    Ocaml (2yrs)


  • Git (4yrs)
  • React/Node.js (3yrs)
  • MongoDB (2yrs)
  • Kubernetes (1yrs)
  • Docker (1yrs)
  • Oracle Cloud (2yrs)
    Express (2yrs)
    bash (2yrs)
    MongoDB Atlas (1yrs)
    Leaflet (1yrs)
    Cypress (0.5yrs)
    Jest (0.5yrs)
    Firebase (0.5yrs)
    Heroku (0.5yrs)
    MUI (0.5yrs)


  • Chinese
  • English


Web Application

System Related

Open Source

Machine Learning Related

Technical Communication



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